Medical Marijuana Edibles and How They Can Help You

Medical marijuana has had an extremely long history, and in fact smoking marijuana for its medicinal benefits goes back much farther than even the term ‘medical marijuana’ itself has been used. While many of us are familiar with smoking marijuana to treat the symptoms of many different diseases, such as in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, the use of medical marijuana edibles might be new for some.

Medical Marijuana Edibles – The Basics

Medical marijuana edibles contain concentrated oils extracted from cannabis that are known to have a medicinal effect. Different oils contain different chemicals from the cannabis plant – called cannabinoids – with most oils containing either THC, CBD or both. Medical marijuana edibles will have a dosage of one or more of these cannabinoids, and depending on which one they contain and how high the dosage is the effects and treatment of the edibles will vary considerably.marijuana infused edibles - Full Spectrum Farms

We’ve written blog posts on what is CBD and how it can help you as well as on what is Rick Simpson oil, which is a concentrated extract containing both THC and CBD for edible use. The basics are that THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana while CBD does not cause a high and is known more for its therapeutic effects. These two very different cannabinoids have vastly different effects on treatment as well. For example, CBD is known to treat Crohn’s, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions while THC has been linked to the treatment of cancer. Depending on the oil used then, different medical marijuana edibles are used to treat different things.

Using Medical Marijuana Edibles to Treat Ailments

CherryRSO for sale - Full Spectrum Farms

Medical marijuana edibles that contain Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), such as our own Cherry RSO cherry oil, is known to treat many different ailments, largely due to it having both THC and CBD. Here’s just a short list from on a few of the issues that edibles containing RSO treat:

PTSD – RSO edibles have been known to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as other mental health issues.

Diseases of the nerves and nervous system – Numerous diseases of this type can be treated through medical marijuana edibles including neuropathy, MS, epilepsy and even spinal cord damage.

Inflammatory diseases – Marijuana edibles have been known to treat a multitude of diseases that cause inflammation including Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn’s and even ALS, a degenerative neurological condition that may be associated with inflammation.

Medical marijuana edibles that contain solely CBD do not have the psychoactive effects associated with the THC in marijuana, and are therefore a good solution for those not wanting to get high or to simply ease into medical marijuana. CBD-only edibles treat many of the issues above and are known for being anti-inflammatory, beneficial for mental health and can even treat skin disorders.

The Best Weed-Infused Edible Products for Medicating

At Full Spectrum Farms, we offer a range of marijuana edibles that can treat what ails you and satiate your hunger too. Here’s a few top picks:

Infused Variety Pack of Gummies - Full Spectrum Farms

  • Infused watermelon THC Gummies – These delicious THC gummies treat a variety of conditions and taste great during the process.
  • Cherry THC Sublingual Spray – This cherry flavoured spray is administered under the tongue for fast acting stress relief. Contains both THC and CBD.
  • Peach Jelly Bombs  – if THC and its psychoactive effects aren’t your thing, try these CBD jelly bombs for a tasty treat (and treatment). Will help a variety of symptoms including inflammation.

Who are Cannabis Infused Edibles for?

Medical marijuana edibles are for people who are looking for the medicinal effects of marijuana but who are wanting a different way of ingesting it than through smoking. There are a variety of products ranging from the concentrated RSOs, known for the psychoactive effects of THC, to comparatively weaker CBD-based edibles that may not result in a high at all. Ultimately, if you are suffering from any of the issues in this post we urge you to talk to your doctor about medical marijuana edibles and view our online catalog of edible products to find the right ones for you.

One last note:

Edibles can take an hour or longer to take effect. Always remember to wait over an hour before administering a second dose to avoid a negative reaction.

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